Shake it Off

S H A K E off the excess holiday weight and bring on the lean muscle we know is under that fluff!Β  Our brand NEW It Works S H A K E is HERE and the timing couldn’t be more perfect!! πŸ’—I’ve added this shake into my daily routine to keep me on track to reaching my 2017 health and fitness goals!
It comes in ️flavors, vanilla or chocolate. My current favorite is Chocolate! It satisfies my sweet tooth and stops me from reaching for the cookies and salted caramel chocolates that have been staring me in the face the last week!
πŸƒ100 Calories per Serving
πŸƒ15 grams of complete protein
πŸƒcontains BCAA’s for faster post- workout recovery
πŸƒSoy-free. Non-GMO. Dairy Free. #Vegan.
πŸƒ0gm of sugar

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