My Super Easy 2 Day Cleanse+Detox

Finally….A cleanse that doesn’t consist of keeping me in a state of Hangry for its entirety! It Works Global…my husband thanks you ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  He has been around for many a juice cleanses and let’s just say, I’m not the nicest gal without food and I’m not even tolerable to be around without carbs.

So, what is a juice cleanse?ย  A juice Cleanse is where you drink nothing but cold pressed, vegetable and fruit juice for a few days in an attempt to undo/compensate for all the times you said ‘F’ itย  and ordered an entire Domino’s pizza just for yourself…with a side of parmesan bites, if we’re being honest! I’ve done the Blue Print Cleanse, Suja Juice Cleanse and all sorts of others and I can tell you right now…THEY WERE MISERABLE! Don’t get me wrong, The juices were delicious, but the whole not eating for 3 days thing is killer!

A step up in dedication from the Juice Cleanse is the Master Cleanse. The Master Cleanse is a modified juice fast that permits no food, substituting tea and lemonade made of maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Sounds delicious, right?!ย  I personally haven’t tried this one, but my bestie did and on day 2 ended up pulling a dangerous U-turn in the middle of the road and proceeded to dominate a buffet of Chinese Food. True Story! I learned from her and I can say with certainty that I’ll never be giving this one a try. #IloveCarbs

Regardless of how bad I hated cleansing, I found myself signing up over and over for these expensive juice cleanses. Why?!ย  Because I loved how I felt in the end. My bloating subsided, my skin glowed, my energy levels were off the charts and overall, I felt AMAZING!ย  It’s a great reset for the body.ย  However, I remember wishing after each miserable juice cleanse that I could just find a product or program that was easier and more affordable that would give me a similar outcome. Fast forward to February 2016!! The It Works Cleanse is released! I haven’t done a juice cleanse since :).

All I felt on the It Works Cleanse was happy and energized! Crabby, hangry Jackie did not rear it’s ugly head, thankfully for Tim. Let me tell you a bit about this Cleanse.

The It Works Cleanse is gentle, effective and most importantly, can be done while eating a clean, healthy diet! It Works believes in cleansing without depriving the body of food. Yay for that! As you cleanse, 2 different proprietary blends are working to remove toxins while delivering essential nutrients and vitamins back to the body.

  • It Works! Proprietary Herbal Cleanse Blendโ„ข: Blue Agave Extract and Aloe Vera Leaf Gel work synergistically to help nourish microflora in your colon while promoting the cellular health of your colonโ€™s cell walls.โ€  Blue Agave Extract with a slow-fermenting, soluble fiber reaches deep into the colon, working as a prebiotic to feed good bacteria and rebalance microflora while slowly cleansing out toxins for a more comfortable cleanse.โ€ 
  • It Works! Proprietary Nutritional Cleanse Blendโ„ข: Contains an array of 25 foods, botanical extracts, and concentrates that help to support the liverโ€™s detoxification function, while providing a supplemental source of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber, and phytonutrients your body needs.

On top of being gentle (this Cleanse is white pants approved ), it is SOOOOOO Easy! Just 4 bottles and 2 days! I drank one 4 oz bottle in the AM before eating and 1 more 4 oz bottle at night before bed for 2 days. That’s it! Plus, it tastes fruity and delicious!

Check out my results from just 1 round of this Cleanse! I lost over 5 pounds in 48 hours! On top of that though, my bloating and stomach issues are gone, my skin is glowing and my energy levels are off the charts! I give this cleanse 5 stars!IMG_6698

ย Want to try this awesome Cleanse for yourself? Click Here

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