Save 40% on all Products!

Truth…I LOVE to shop! But, you want to know what I love even more than shopping? SALE SHOPPING!! I rarely pay full price for anything because I’m always sniffing out a deal! Who is with me?!

If you’re saying “YES” and raising your hand to that question, then our Loyal Customer Program is perfect for YOU! By becoming a loyal customer you receive a 40% off discount on all products for life. Yep, I said LIFE! Plus, you’ll have access to a bunch of other perks like earning 10% back on purchases that you can use toward FREE products!

Next Question: How do I get in on this awesome deal?!

  1. Pay a one time $50 membership fee with your first order and receive the savings for life. I like to compare it to a Costco or Sam’s club Membership fee, only you don’t have to pay the fee annually. Once you pay it, you’re a loyal customer with us for life!
  2. Do you want that $50 membership fee waived?! After your initial order, if you agree to try one product a month for 2 subsequent months, to say thank you, we waive the $50 fee completely! This is by far the most popular option. Let me break it down and tell you why….Let’s say today you wanted to buy wraps for $59. Then next month you get an essential oil for $15 and the following month you get fat fighters for $23…. You have just spent less money than paying the 1 time $50 fee and you have 2 awesome products to use!!! #BONUS

You want in on this deal, right?! Who doesn’t! Here is how you sign up to SAVE!

  • click SHOP on this website
  • Add the items you want to your Cart and then click ‘Checkout’
  • Scroll down and then For option number 1, to pay the fee, click on the link that is below the green button. For option number 2, to get more awesome products and not pay the fee, click on the green button that says: ‘enroll with autoship.’ This will waive the fee.

You’re probably waiting to click that green button because you saw the word Autoship starting back at you. I totally understand that can be a frightening word, so let me talk you down off the ledge. When you choose this option, you have FULL control over your account. You will have your own username and password that you can use to log into your account and change orders at any time. You can also change the date that the order comes out. Worried you won’t remember? I’ve got you covered! Make sure the email account you enter is an email you regularly use. A few days before your shipment comes out, you will receive a reminder to log in and change your order.

  • Ok, so you’ve clicked that amazing Green button that’s full of Savings and now you just need to enter your info and you’re done! Your awesome It Works products will be on your doorstep in no time!

After the 3 months is complete, you can turn off shipments and log in for one time orders at any time. I should warn you though… on your fourth month you get free shipping, on your 6th month you get a $50 shopping spree and on your year anniversary you get a $150 shopping spree! I told you, we think you are awesome! So let me give you another example: If you switch to shopping your multivitamin with us and purchase it once per month for a year, by the end of that year you will have a $234 shopping spree on us just for changing brands. You can use it on any of our products…. so go WILD!

Ready to start Shopping and Saving?! Click HERE!